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Katrina helps people strive to be their best and turn their performance from Silver to Gold.

As an Australian sporting legend, Katrina Webb in no stranger to a Gold medal podium or a star-lit stage. She has received awards and medals most athletes only dream about. Despite this success, her journey hasn’t always been easy.

Born into a family of sporting stars, it was no surprise that a young Katrina Webb was born with natural athleticism. By the age of eighteen, she had already secured a netball scholarship at The Australian Institute of Sport. What she didn’t realise at this time was that her sporting career was about to take an unexpected turn.

During training at the Institute of Sport, Katrina was informed that she had a weakness in her right-hand side, which turned out to be a case of Cerebral Palsy. Katrina’s ability to pursue netball at a national level was now in jeopardy. Despite this, a twist of fate presented a previously unseen opportunity. Katrina was now eligible for the Paralympic games. Her weakness had become her greatest strength.

Over the years Katrina had tried to conceal her disability, so making the decision to compete at the very public Paralympics was not easy. In time, she realized that through self-acceptance and determination she could tackle her disability head on. This decision paid off when she won two Gold medals, and a Silver medal in Atlanta 1996 and at Sydney 2000 went on to win a Silver and Bronze medal.


While the Sydney Paralympics were successful for Katrina, her competitive spirit still left her with a desire to win Gold again. She knew that to do this she needed to take ‘conscious action’ and become a ‘Gold’ level performer in every aspect of her life. In the four years between the Sydney and Athens Paralympics, Katrina mastered the alchemy of performance with a clear focus on understanding mindset, and the results speak for themselves. At Athens in 2004 she won another Gold Medal in the 400-metre sprint and set a new Paralympic record.

Today, Katrina’s running career is in the past, but her passion for helping others perform at their best continues to be her greatest inspiration. Katrina is the founding Director of Silver 2 Gold High-Performance Solutions, and as a professional speaker she has impressed audiences at an International level. This includes speaking at the United Nations International Year of Sport in New York 2006.

Due to her own experience in dealing with a disability and a desire to help others, Katrina is a passionate humanitarian. She is currently an ambassador for Childreach in Nepal who devises programmes for the Health, Education and Protection of children. In this role, she has formed strategic partnerships with various Australian organisations collectively raising over $25,000 to support aid in the wake of the devastating Nepalese earthquake in April 2015.


Katrina draws on her life experiences to deliver a dynamic and inspirational message. Katrina thoroughly researches each speaking engagement and workshop to ensure the key objectives are met. Presentations and workshops can be tailored to suite an organisations specific needs.

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Many of us have personal or professional goals that require us to step into a higher level of performance and productivity. To achieve these results, we must learn how to assess and transform our current habits and actions so that we can develop the mindset and behaviours that turn our dreams into a reality.

In this presentation, participants will learn how to manage priorities, so that time is spent on achieving desired results rather than trying to multitask a meaningless to do list. They will be able to recognize the importance of mental and emotional fitness, as well gaining insights into the physiology of high performance.

This presentation is action based, full of tools to facilitate the necessary change required to perform at a ‘gold level’ standard. The Alchemy of Performance is a holistic approach to performance, which encompasses the mental, emotional and physical aspects our lives, leading to success.

Key Outcomes

  • Understand the 5 Keys to transforming personal performance
  • Insight into mind management, energy management and priority management.
  • Tools to implement change
  • The nature of purpose and performance



We all deal with times in our lives where we feel overwhelmed with stress or unforeseen roadblocks. These times are difficult, but they also present the opportunity to transform our lives and create a more abundant future.

In this presentation, participants are provided tools to identify their purpose and understand the values that drive behaviour. Once we can understand what motivates us, we are also able to change our actions and behaviours so that we can deal with challenging times with grace and ease.

Audiences will develop the skills to attain a positive mindset and become aware of any unhelpful thinking that is acting as a roadblock to success. With focus, mindfulness and a clear purpose our dreams become our reality, regardless of what gets in the way.

Key Outcomes

  • Understand the importance of purpose and values
  • Neutralize unhelpful thinking
  • Develop mindfulness
  • Gain insights into the nature of resilience



As the saying goes, it is love that makes the world go round. In this presentation, Katrina shares her personal account of coming to terms with her disability, developing self-acceptance and harnessing these unique attributes to find peace, fulfillment, and ultimately success.
Running For Love provides participants insights into the nature of self-love and self-care. It is through this process we are also able to care for the people and communities around us. It is often in accepting our differences that we can develop compassion for others.
Audiences will leave this presentation with the tools to look after personal needs, a clear understanding of the value system that drives them, and clarity of purpose.

Key Outcomes

  • Inspiration
  • The tools to embrace acceptance
  • Insights into embracing change
  • Insights into the nature of self-love
  • A renewed sense of purpose



Katrina Webb is a dynamic and innovative keynote speaker who can teach your customers, your company the alchemy of performance.

Here is what you can expect when you work with Katrina for your next event

  • Tailored Presentation. Katrina tailors every presentation to meet the outcomes of each client.
  • Real Examples. With a unique perspective based on her experience and travels as an elite athlete and as a successful business woman, Katrina will share practical and engaging stories that will resonate with your audience.
  • Entertainment. Your event is not just about content. Your audience wants to be entertained as well.
  • Authenticity. Katrina is real, speaks from the heart and connects with her audience through her unique stories and experiences.
  • Practical tools that the audience can implement and action straight away.

Are you ready to add a genuine, engaging and thought provoking presence to your next event? Your audience will be completely enthralled by Katrina’s tailored keynote presentation.

Email to find out more about Katrina’s availability, topics and fees.

Hosting + Emceeing

Katrina is a highly sort after host/emcee and facilitator from two hour events to two day conferences.

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Katrina is a highly sort after host/emcee and facilitator. Her warmth, knowledge and experience will make your next event or conference an enjoyable and successful one.

“We would like to thank you for your involvement as MC at this year’s Roll of Excellence. The detail and humour you put into the night was well received by everyone at the event.”
CEO Jetstar Little Athletics

“The events at Cardiff Castle for the announcement of the Australian Flag Bearer and the Live London Dream Rio event at Australia House were hugely successful. The success was mainly due to you adding such a personal touch as an emcee to the formalities which created a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. The pleasure was all ours.”
Anthony Bastic – Director

Email to find out more about Katrina’s availability and fees.


Silver 2 Gold Six Week Coaching Program

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  • Six week group coaching program.Weekly coaching calls for 1 hour where you learn directly from Katrina how to strive to be your best and turn your performance from Silver 2 Gold.The program will help you to:
  • Define your purpose and mission.
  • Gain focus and direction.
  • De-clutter your life and then focus on what really matters.
  • Turn your liabilities into assets and celebrate your point of difference.
  • Decrease overwhelm & procrastination.
  • Set smart goals.
  • Say yes to your important priorities and not feel guilty.
  • Say no and stay focused on task.
  • Create a team of people that support you with your priorities.
  • Create a kit of performance enhancing mind based tools.
  • Focus your mind on one task at a time.
  • Effectively use mindfulness to be open and curious to new ideas.
  • Find more time, energy to work on what is important.
  • The program also includes email access with any questions you have on executing your plan. 2016 dates for the six week coaching program will be announced soon.
  • Investment $300. Only 20 spots available.
    Contact Katrina to register.

What are people saying?

"Your words & presence added to a great night. It would be great to hear more from you, especially around how teams can reach & continue on the path of high performance"
— Westpac Adelaide

"Thank you for your fantastic session this morning at the Charles Sturt's Team Leaders breakfast. Your presentation was insightful, moving and inspiring and I found it re-energised me to the core"
— Charles Sturt University

"I had the pleasure of being at the CPW Conference in Sydney last week to hear your presentation and all I can say is Wow. I thoroughly enjoyed it, was moved to tears, and came away wanting more"

Thank you for sharing your inspirational story with honesty and conviction, your story establishes a wonderful foundation for your listeners to reflect on what has influenced their own lives and hope in the opportunities that will come their way in the future when they train their minds to become more receptive.
— General Manager/ Starplex

"The feedback from the team afterwards has been over whelmingly glowing - you're a star Katrina, really enjoyable and relevant presentation"
— Westpac

"Your presentation exceed expectations and the employer feedback was extremely positive. Appreciate the way you interweaved CRS Australia message into your presentation"

"I would like to congratulate you on delivering a very engaging discussion. I think your insights were extremely pertinent to the audience and you were very generous in drawing discussion points back to CRS and our job seekers"
— CRS Australia

"It was a pleasure meeting you and listening to your truly unique and inspirational take on things. I left with a very different view on many things – thank you!"
— Flight Centre Hong Kong

"I got really good feedback from my team after the day and I will do my best to keep focus on the group and the way we act and work"

"You were wonderful, you are so genuine and gorgeous and charismatic and uplifting and clever ... "
— DECD employee

What's Happening

Childreach Nepal

Katrina is a passionate humanitarian. She is currently an ambassador for Childreach in Nepal who devises programmes for the Health, Education and Protection of children. In this role, she has formed strategic partnerships with various Australian organisations collectively raising over $25,000 to support aid in the wake of the devastating Nepalese earthquake in April 2015.

Katrina will be leading a trek to Basecamp Everest on Oct 23rd 2016 to raise money for Childreach Nepal supported by the Crows Children’s Foundation. At the end of the trek, the trekkers will have the opportunity to help rebuild a school in Sermathang.

To find out more information on how you can join her on this trek of a life time, visit:



Fit for Leadership

Katrina is the Project Director and Primary Facilitator of the Adelaide Crows Women of Adelaide- Fit for Leadership Program. The ‘FIT’ for leadership program is a unique development program aimed to provide women with an opportunity to grow both professionally and personally in order to succeed in business.

The workshops have been designed to facilitate networking, trusted discussions, develop optimistic thoughts and to train the participants to be at their very best both at work and at home.

The six day program delivered over a three month period includes:

Day 1 FIT Foundations
Day 2 FIT Body and Mind
Day 3&4 FIT Mind–Well Being and Resilience
Day 5&6 FIT Performance

Contact Katrina for more information. The next program dates are July 25 & 26, August 17 & 18 and September 26 & 27 2016 in Adelaide.


“Thank you so much for running such an amazing program. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say “Life changing”. Loved it, Loved it, Loved it.”

“The program was excellent and life changing. The 6 days were energising. I have learnt so many new skills and so much confidence. I can’t wait to implement them and am excited about what the future will hold for me.”

Register here



Tedx Talk for Katrina

The 5th TEDx Macquarie University bought together the empowered ones and those who empower others by evoking action through their ideas and stories. Click below to view Katrina’s tedx talk.

Current News

Katrina performed a Tedx Talk at Macquarie University in Sydney in September 2015.

Katrina toured Indonesia with Prudential Insurance in January 2016 for their Kick Off Tour.


Katrina was the MC and Guest Speaker - National Enrolled Nurse Association (NENA) Conference

On the 21 October 2015, Katrina played a dual role as the MC and also guest speaker at the 12th Biennial National Enrolled Nurse Association of Australia Conference held in Adelaide.

Katrina speaking at Department of Education Forum

Katrina was recently the guest speaker at the DECD Numeracy & Literacy Results Plus Professional Learning Program.

Her topic What I’ve learned motivates human beings to change, to reflect and learn, to act differently – to improve.

Watch her keynote

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